S.K. DIGITALS Response excels in data management services. Reaching the right prospect at the right destination is fundamental, and allows creating personalized marketing solutions to make best use of all data gathered as well as identifying new business opportunities.

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Data management is handled like everything else we do at S.K. DIGITALS – with unsurpassed intensity and attention to detail. Data security and integrity is paramount. Our experience data analysis team will delve into your data and process, clean and glean information that will be used to inform the campaigns we design for you. ​ Data Processing consists of a detailed and complex process with the purpose of obtaining the best results that will become new business opportunities for the management crew. -Data Base Management -Data Processing -Data Security

Data Base Management

S.K. DIGITALS Response offers technological tools, applications and databases which are necessary to merge and manage data and also pre-classify optimized information. The compiling and input of raw data will give real-time results of each particular Direct Marketing campaign. All marketing pieces prepared and distributed by S.K. DIGITALS Response are bar-coded, using industry’s standards, for easier tracking and delivering to final destination; which at the end contribute to the accurate measuring of all type of campaigns. ​Data Marketing focuses on: -Data Quality -Data Authority -Data Optimization -Segmentation -Compiling Prospects, Demographics, Characteristics -Client Profile Updates

Data processing

The processing of this data creates a workflow; which integrates the necessary elements for the achievement of all established goals. This is a fundamental element for a successful direct mail project. S.K. DIGITALS Response experts offer the following as part of our marketing services: data cleansing, segmentation, pre-classification and updating of databases for targeted demographics and niche campaigns. ​Data Segmentation: -Acquisition -Retention -Loyalty / Public Relations ​

Data Security

At S.K. DIGTALS Response, we have acquired leading technology in order to protect and lock centralized data on a daily basis since we understand that our current and potential clients look for high-level security. S.K. DIGITALS Response clients will have real-time access to the information thanks to the implementation of unique users which prevent data breach or variations without prior authorization. Our security system includes important aspects like data management provided by clients, delivery of all marketing materials to pre-established locations by the implementation of decoys to guarantee proper distribution.

​​Data Security focuses on these areas:

-Data management – DMA system -System Users implementation & inclusion -Data Backups in CLOUDS -Technical Support An important part of working with S.K. DIGITALS Response is the commitment of a complete security methodology and its implementation; while managing, processing and optimizing all data. This data permits a real-time feedback design for ongoing marketing and budget decisions and for quantifiable results with our DMA tool.